Our hives are built in Portland, Oregon from Western Red Cedar. In addition to beekeeping supplies, we also provide bee swarm removal, beekeeping classes, and hive consultations.

We've used the same cedar top bar hives and Warre hives we sell in our own apiary since 2008. Based on our testing and customer feedback, we've continued to refine the hives we build. We're proud to offer what we believe are the most innovative, well-made hives in the world.

When you buy hives and other beekeeping equipment from us, know that we're always available by phone, e-mail, or in person at our retail store to assist you. We keep bees ourselves and understand how to use each type of hive we sell. We want you to succeed as a beekeeper!


Top bar hives are a great option for those looking for a simple hive to open and manage, without heavy boxes or a lot of extra equipment required. Bees build their own combs and tend to be more docile than those in vertical hives with stacked boxes. Our cedar top-bar hives feature a full-length viewing window for simple monitoring. We also offer step-by-step plans for you to build your own hive. Learn more about our top bar hives for sale


Warre hives are perfect for those looking for a hands-off beehive that lets the bees build their own natural, foundationless combs. Bees in the wild build from the top of the cavity downward, and in these hives they do just that. While there are still boxes to lift, they are much lighter than Langstroth boxes. Our cedar Warre hives come with optional viewing windows in each box. Learn more about our Warre hives for sale


Langstroth hives are the most common hives in use throughout North America. Ours are made from the finest kiln dried Western Red Cedar. They work interchangeably with other Langstroth boxes and frames, but last much longer and weigh less. Learn more about our Langstroth hives

Top Bar Hive Blog

Top Bar Hive Plans

February 02, 2014

Top bar hive plansThey are finally finished! It took a few months longer than expected, but the plans to make our top bar hive are ready for purchase and immediate download from this page:

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From the Beekeeper's Desk

January 25, 2014

Varroa mite on bee Beekeeping is like any faction of agriculture. Just as there are a hundred ways to grow carrots, there are hundreds of ways to keep bees, given the available components and philosophies. With this in mind, there is a surprising phenomenon beekeepers encounter early on when they become new beekeepers which is extreme prejudice, peer pressure, and mockery if they choose a path other than using commercial-type Langstroth hives and treatments. To explain this further, I need to take a side-step and head down a small, well-worn rabbit hole...

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