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Top Bar Hives, Warre Hives and Cedar Bee Hives

Our hives are built in Portland, Oregon from Western Red Cedar. In addition to beekeeping supplies, we also provide bee swarm removal, beekeeping classes, and hive consultations.

We've used the same cedar top bar hives and Warre hives we sell in our own apiary since 2008. Based on our testing and customer feedback, we've continued to refine the hives we build. We're proud to offer what we believe are the most innovative, well-made hives in the world.

When you buy hives and other beekeeping equipment from us, know that we're always available by phone, e-mail, or in person at our retail store to assist you. We keep bees ourselves and understand how to use each type of hive we sell. We want you to succeed as a beekeeper!




Top Bar Hive Plans

They are finally finished! It took a few months longer than expected, but the plans to make our top bar hive are ready for purchase and immediate download from this page: http://www.beethinking.com/products/top-bar-hive-plans

Top bar hive plans

We worked closely with a local CAD professional and ZoePDX to to bring you 21 pages of beautiful, detailed plans that cover the following topics:

Sourcing materials

Woods to use

Woods to avoid

Power Tools


Tool List



Sealing and painting

Complete parts list

Construction plans

Top bar hive nucleus box plans

They are available in three different packages:

1) $19 Hive plans only for immediate digital download. After purchase, you'll receive a link in your e-mail to download the PDF. It can be printed on 8.5"x11" paper.

2) $39 Hive plans + hardware. You'll receive the digital download immediately, as well as the hardware shipped to you shortly thereafter. 

3) $89 Hive plans + hardware + top bars. Same as above, except you'll also receive 28 milled top bars. The top bars are the most difficult and dangerous part to make with basic power tools, so we highly recommend using ours. 

Matt Reed
Matt Reed


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