March 08, 2009



Top Bar Hives, Warre Hives and Cedar Bee Hives

Our hives are built in Portland, Oregon from Western Red Cedar. In addition to beekeeping supplies, we also provide bee swarm removal, beekeeping classes, and hive consultations.

We've used the same cedar top bar hives and Warre hives we sell in our own apiary since 2008. Based on our testing and customer feedback, we've continued to refine the hives we build. We're proud to offer what we believe are the most innovative, well-made hives in the world.

When you buy hives and other beekeeping equipment from us, know that we're always available by phone, e-mail, or in person at our retail store to assist you. We keep bees ourselves and understand how to use each type of hive we sell. We want you to succeed as a beekeeper!




Less Than A Month Until Package Bees

Vacations, work and other endeavors have kept me from spending much time with Bee Thinking. In the past month I've only had time to build one more Warre hive, leaving me with 8 to go before placing them at their respective wineries and backyards in early April prior to the arrival of the packages. The next three weekends and many evenings will certainly be spent covered in sawdust, making vigorous use of templates and mass production to build the remaining hives. In addition, I hope to have sufficient time to coat each of them in linseed oil and beeswax to extend the longevity of each hive in Oregon's wet environment, thus reducing maintenance in the years to come.

A few weeks ago I surveyed a number of wineries that have requested Bee Thinking hives in order to determine suitability for bees. I took into account seclusion from public, accessibility for management, available flowers for forage, water, protection from wind, exposure to sunlight and believe I've settled on 3-4 ideal locations for hive placement during the 2009 beekeeping season. Upon further discussion with the winery owners I will let you know the final hive layout plan.

Furthermore, Bee Thinking is now the first and only beekeeping-related website on the EcoMetro guide - a popular green and sustainable business directory covering a number of eco-friendly cities, including Portland, Oregon.

Pictures coming as soon as I return from San Antonio, Texas!

Matt Reed
Matt Reed


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