Bee Swarm Removal

Bee Thinking offers honey bee swarm removal throughout the Portland metro area.

Do you have a honey bee swarm? Are you in the Portland, Oregon area? We can help! Bee Thinking provides quick, safe, FREE swarm removal throughout the Portland metro area. We'll catch the swarm and relocate them to a hive where they can live out their days pollinating gardens and making wonderful honey for the city to enjoy. Give us a call at 877-325-2221 and one of our professional bee swarm removers will discuss the swarm with you. Often times other insects are mistaken for honey bees, such as wasps, bumble bees, flies, etc. We only remove honeybee swarms, so if it's a different type of insect we'll point you to someone who can provide assistance.

Swarms are the method by which honey bee colonies reproduce. 20-50% of the colony leaves the hive with the old queen, landing usually within a couple hundred feet of the hive they came out of. Most of the time they end up on tree branches, but sometimes they'll decide to land elsewhere, such as on mailboxes, cars, fences, door handles or anything else you can think of. This is only temporary, though, as the colony sends out scouts to find a new, permenant home. This is often a tree cavity, but anywhere the cavity is large enough and dry is suitable. The walls of houses are many times chosen by honey bees as safe, dry places in which they can thrive.  

They are usually completely docile and uninterested in stinging you or your family when they swarm, so do not be too alarmed. The bees just want to find a new home. When we arrive we'll survey the situation, and if the bees can be accessed safely we'll drop them into a bee hive, wait a few minutes to confirm we got the queen, and then we'll seal them up and take them to one of our apiary sites!

Call 877-325-2221 for help with your swarm of bees!

Swarm on carLarge swarm on multiple branchesSwarm on cross