Top-Bar Hive Nucleus Box

Top Bar Hive nucleus box built from 1" thick Western Red Cedar. Features a metal roof, 7 top bars, one follower board, 1 entrance reducing bung and 1 solid bung. Useful for swarm catching, splitting hives and overwintering nucleus colonies. All components pre-drilled for easy assembly. Ships free to the contiguous 48 states -- international shipping available.


  • 11.5" long cedar top bar hive nucleus box
  • 15.5" long telescoping cover
  • 7 17 1/2"x1 3/8" one piece top bars with comb guides
  • 1 divider board
  • 2 bungs (1 entrance reducing bung)
  • Screws

Tools required

  • Drill or screwdriver with Phillips head bit
  • Approximate assembly time: 10 minutes

Collections: Top Bar Hives

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