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Along with our precision-milled beehives, our tung oil is one of our most-beloved products—for good reason! There are many benefits that make our tung oil special.

100% Pure Tung Oil

Many other tung oils are filled with chemicals and solvents. Our tung oil is 100% pure and all natural with no additives. To us, it makes sense to use an all-natural finish on our beehives because it really allows us to stay true to our natural, treatment-free beekeeping philosophy. The absence of solvents also means our tung oil is more concentrated. It takes a little longer to dry, but in the long-run this makes for a more durable, highly water-proof hive so you can feel confident heading into the winter months!


Unlike other surface treatments, tung oil actually bonds with the wood to make it waterproof and lends protection from the elements for years to come. Buying a beehive is an investment, and having to replace it every few years just doesn’t make sense! Applying a simple coat of tung oil once a year (summertime is ideal!) is a great way to keep your investment protected against extreme weather. You can use it on either your Western Red Cedar or Sugar Pine hives.

Easy and Versatile

Applying tung oil to your beehive is a simple, three-step process:

  1. Using a smooth cotton cloth, old t-shirt, or paper towel, apply one thin coat (about a tablespoon) of tung oil to your hive. Make sure to spread with the grain, from side to side.
  2. Wait 3 hours, then remove excess oil. Patience is key!
  3. After 24 hours, repeat steps 1 and 2. Once it dries, you are all ready to go!

      Additionally, 100% pure tung oil is food safe and therefore incredibly versatile. It’s not just for your hive! You can also use it to treat wooden cutting boards, furniture, and birdhouses.


      While some choose to paint their hives, we prefer admiring the natural beauty of the wood itself. Pure tung oil enhances the natural color of the wood and leaves a satin finish. Check out these before and after photos below to see the difference that a couple coats of tung oil can make:

      Check out the video below to learn even more about tung oil, including a demonstration of applying it to your Bee Thinking hive:

      Click here to get your own bottle of 100% pure tung oil, now 20% off during the Harvest Sale!

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      Ron Biggs
      Ron Biggs

      March 12, 2017

      I am wondering how often it has to be reapplied. I have to repaint about every 4 years.

      Bee Thinking
      Bee Thinking

      September 15, 2016

      Hi Dave. It depends on whether you wanted a medium hive kit or a deep hive kit and whether you want to go with 8 or 10 frame. We also offer our tung oil in 3 different sizes. Here are the links to each product you are interested in.
      Langstroth Pine Hive:
      Tung Oil:
      Bee Suit:

      Once you select your specific options in the item dropdown menus, the price will change to reflect your choices and you should have a better idea of cost. If you still need assistance feel free to reach out to us.

      Dave Stevens
      Dave Stevens

      September 07, 2016

      Hello, Folks ~
      I have written / contacted you in the past, and want to start tearing-up for the spring (when I will make a bulk purchase of bees & a queen).
      That said – I need a quote for: a sugar-pine hive (with side, viewing windows), tung-oil, and a beginner’s suit.
      With everything being 20-25% off, right now, I think I might be able to “afford” this project.
      We reside just south west of Dallas, TX. I KNOW there are other bee-keepers in the area. But, they live a few miles away from where WE live.
      Thanks for your assistance,

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