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Entrance or "Boardman" feeder. While we don't recommend using a boardman feeder on the entrance of a hive, we do find they work very well inside top bar hives. The lid (included) fits most quart mason jars.

Simply fill the jar with the feed of your choice, screw on the lid, upturn it over the feeder and place the feeder on the floor of your top bar hive. It can be used on the same side of the follower board as the colony, but you'll want to watch it carefully and make sure they don't build comb around it. You can also cut a small hole in your divider and place the feeder on the other side. This way the bees can't build comb around it.

Entrance feeders fit nicely into the entrance of any Langstroth hive. However, we recommend a double jar feeder instead of an entrance feeder on a Langstroth, as they are less likely to incite robbing.

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Zacchoreli F.

    The inside of the lid

    The inside of the lid rusted in just a few days. Something that needs to be fixed otherwise folks can just recycle old jam jar lids.

    Na'amana A.

      Two fit easily into one

      Two fit easily into one of my top bar hive.

      Warren M.

        One feeder did not fit

        One feeder did not fit opening. Also suggest making a half gallon feeder. My bees consume a half gallon of sugar water per day. Larger capacity would help.

        Michael K.

          Exactly what I needed to

          Exactly what I needed to provide food for my girls but take up less space.

          Joseph L.

            Good quality feeder.

            Good quality feeder.

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