Solar Wax Melter


We worked with a local metalworker to create this beautiful, functional, stainless steel solar wax melter that is ideal for the backyard beekeeper. It easily fits your wax cappings, burr comb, or remaining bits of comb after crushing and straining honey. Solar melters work best with clean wax -- blackened brood combs don't yield much at all.

Simply lay your wax on the mesh tray, put the clear Lexan cover in place, and prop up one end to create a slope. Then put a flexible container filled with water below the wax drain hole and watch the wax flow!

"Tested here in Portland, Oregon on a 75 F degree day, the internal temperature in the melter exceeded 170 F." - Matt, Owner

Measures 20" x 18" x 7"

Some assembly required. Just attach the feet with the provided screws and you're ready to melt some wax!

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