Top Bar Hive - Assembled


Our beautiful cedar top bar hive with the roof and hive body assembled by us. All you need to do is attach the roof to the unique slot and bushing hinge system, or put some bolts and screws into the legs and brace boards if you get the optional stand. If you're looking to save some money and assemble the hive yourself, check out our easy to assemble top bar hive.


  • 42" long cedar hive body
  • 48" long hinged roof 
  • 28 17 1/2" x 1 3/8" sugar pine one-piece top bars with comb guides
  • 2 follower boards
  • 1 42" x 5" viewing window
  • 3 bungs (Entrance reducers) and 3 corks (Ventilation reducers)
  • Assembly instructions, screws and bolts


  • Aluminum composite roof panels last a lifetime, improve insulation and heat reflection, and require no maintenance. Available in silver or copper colors.
  • 4 leg, lap joint stand for strength and stability
  • Screened bottom with two inserts (one for each side) for improved ventilation

Tools required

  • Drill or screwdriver with Phillips bit
  • Approximate assembly time: 10 minutes

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