Warre Hive - Assembled


Our beautiful cedar Warre hive with roof, quilt box, boxes and stand assembled by us. All you need to do is attach the milled feet with the provided screws. If your'e looking to save some money and assemble the hive yourself, check out our easy to assemble Warre hive.


  • Standard Warre peaked roof with mouse boards
  • Quilt box with canvas quilt
  • 1 bag of shredded cedar to fill quilt box
  • 2 Warre boxes with sloped handles (Windows available as an option)
  • 16 one-piece top bars with wedge comb guides
  • Standard screened bottom with close-able insert (Optional milled hive stand feet further elevate hive)
  • Elegant feet to elevate the hive off the ground and improve stability
  • Stainless steel screws


  • Composite copper top with stainless steel screws
  • Window in each box with mahogany closures

Tools Required (for optional feet only):

  • Drill or screwdriver
  • Approximate assembly time: 5 minutes

"The Warre hive is by far my favorite of our three. The Cedar construction ensures longevity and strength to withstand the seasons. And, it's very pleasing to the eyes!" - Spencer, Warehouse Associate

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