Cedar Beehive Kit (Medium)


Western Red Cedar beehive kit with 3 medium boxes. Milled in Portland, Oregon, from kiln-dried Western Red Cedar. Cedar boxes last longer, weigh less and provide better insulation than common white pine Langstroth hive bodies. These boxes featured our specially designed comb joint, which make these boxes incredibly strong and easy to assemble. Pre-drilled for easily assembly with provided screws. Interchangeable with standard Langstroth hive parts. Available in 8-frame and 10-frame size.

Our medium boxes fit any standard 6 1/4" medium Langstroth frames.

8-frame boxes measure 14" wide by 20" long by 6 5/8" deep. 10-frame boxes measure 16 1/8" wide by 20" long by 6 5/8" deep.


  • 3 Red Cedar Medium Boxes with comb joints (Hive bodies)
  • Outer cover
  • Inner Cover
  • Floor (solid or screened)
  • Screws for assembly of medium boxes


  • Foundationless Frames (Unassembled)

Tools required

  • Drill or screwdriver with Phillips bit
  • Hammer (frames only)
  • Approximate assembly time: 30 minutes without frames, 2 hours with frames

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