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Natural Beehives for Modern Beekeepers

Bee Thinking is the world's first beekeeping supplier specializing in foundationless  Top Bar Hives Warre hives, and  Langstroth Hives made from sustainably-harvested wood. We focus on providing our customers with high-quality, sustainably built products at reasonable prices.

All of our beehives are crafted at our mill in Portland, Oregon using kiln dried Western Red Cedar and sugar pine from the Pacific Northwest. We use these same products in our own apiaries and we love to pass on our knowledge of natural beekeeping to beekeepers new and old.

We take pride in the hives that we build and are dedicated to supporting our customers and our products. If you have special instructions regarding your order, or if you have questions regarding hive management and beekeeping, please let us know by phone, e-mail or in person at our retail location in Portland, Oregon.

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Our Philosophy

The foremost objective of foundationless beekeeping is to provide honeybees with the ideal environment in which to thrive by drawing upon their inherent behavior and methods. To foster this, the beekeeper must immerse his or her mind in a wide range of bee-related information such as: bee life cycles and biology, beekeeping history, hive designs, colony management, and innumerable other honeybee related topics. Without this knowledge, it is unlikely that the keeper, or their bees, will have a successful endeavor.

In addition to book knowledge, it is of utmost importance that beekeepers spend time observing their bees; not fussing with them, dousing them with chemicals, moving them around, marking them or otherwise incessantly pestering them, but simply watching them. One can learn a tremendous amount about the health and strength of the colony simply by watching the entrance.

We don’t use or endorse the use of chemicals in the hive whatsoever. We are focused on giving bees a healthy environment, and promoting healthy genes. In our own apiaries, colonies that succumb to Varroa or other pests and diseases are not increased the next season. Those that survive, we split from and increase our stock.

Bees have been thriving without human intervention for thousands of years. As backyard and hobby beekeepers, let's let them do what they do best in a healthy environment, and allow them to satisfy their own colony's needs by relying upon the myriad of abilities they inherently already have. 
If you have questions or comments about our philosophy, please feel free to contact us.

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Who We Are

Bee Thinking was established in 2008 by Matt and Jill Reed as an Internet resource for beekeepers throughout the world. At the same time, we began mass-producing foundationless beehives for our own apiary. Soon, we had a great deal of interest from folks all over the world about getting involved in foundationless beekeeping, and we began selling the hives we were making. When interest continued to increase we began selling our hives through our website to customers throughout the United States. Today we sell thousands of hives to beekeepers throughout North America and many countries abroad.  When not reading about beekeeping, building hives or talking the ear off of anyone who will listen about bees, Matt spends his days ensuring operations at Bee Thinking run smoothly. Matt and Jill have their son, Henrik, over 35 bee hives and 2 rescued, Miniature Australian Shepherds: Fred and Polly.


Jill holds a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. She is a poet, writing instructor, and co-editor of Winged: New Writing on Bees, an anthology of modern literary writing about honeybees. Previously, Jill spent a decade working in fine wine. Between poetry, bees, and wine, she is steadily cornering the market on all poetic topics. For more on Winged visit  www.wingedbook.com.
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