Bee Ambassador

Are you a natural or treatment-free beekeeper that wants to promote Bee Thinking as the ultimate resource for beekeepers? Are you a social media influencer with a large following of beekeepers and pollinator supporters? Or maybe you just want to save the bees? If so, we want you to consider becoming a Bee Thinking Bee Ambassador !
Bee Thinking’s Bee Ambassadors serve a special function in spreading the altruistic philosophy of treatment-free beekeeping in their own local communities. Across the country, and soon across the world, Bee Thinking’s Bee Ambassadors will attract new beekeepers while helping generate funds for pollinator scholarships. Bee Thinking will be offering up to 3 scholarships for students looking to pursue their education in fields that support the plight of not just honeybees, but all pollinators, and Bee Thinking will pledge funds to this program for select purchases made using ambassador coupon codes.
Bee Ambassadors are volunteers and receive many benefits, including exclusive access to limited edition products, giveaways, educational opportunities, exposure to our growing community of environmentally conscious beekeepers, and more!
  If you're interested in becoming a Bee Thinking Bee Ambassador , you can fill out our application form or feel free to e-mail us with your inquiries at