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Our top bar hives are constructed from kiln dried Western Red Cedar in Portland, Oregon. They are 42 inches long, 18 inches wide and about 13 inches deep, making them the largest readily available top bar hive. They feature 3 side entrances that can be reduced with bungs (included). 2 follower boards (dividers) are included for easy management of the colony from either side.

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Full Length Viewing Windows

A full-length viewing window is included with all of our top bar hives, useful both for management purposes as well as enjoyment when visitors stop by to ogle your bees. Top bar Hive with copper top open


Roof & Stand Options

Our hives come with both a roof and a stand (optional) – meaning that all you will need to provide is a space and bees! With the hive on the stand, the top of the hive is approximately 36” high, making the hive easy to work for those of average height .

Top Bar Hive On Feet


End entrances vs. Side Entrances

There is much debate as to whether end entrances or side entrances are superior. Our opinion is that side entrances are more versatile, as with the use of follower boards, side entrances make access to the brood and honey chambers much easier. With an end entrance it can be quite difficult to move enough bars of comb out of the way to reach the combs nearest the entrance. With side entrances there is empty space on each side of the colony, meaning that the beekeeper can go into the hive starting on either side with little disturbance to the bees.

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