I purchased two of your top-bar hives this January, and they arrived in Iowa promptly and in great shape. I am a skilled woodworker with all the tools and machinery, so I could have made my hives. I decided to buy hives from you instead, since a lot of my time is taken up with other work. I think my choice was a good one. The hive design is sturdy and well thought out. Your construction methods are appropriate and strong. And the fit and finish is A+ quality. I also like that you are using recycled wood. Thanks for offering such a lovely product -- your hives have already made my introduction to beekeeping a pleasure. - DeeAnna


I received the Warre hive I ordered and it's my new favorite hive. Such thick wood and great craftsmanship. Awesome.  THANKS! - Pam


Everything went together great. No adjustments needed. All the bolts went straight in the legs. I think you are making a very good product.  Keep up the great work. - Fred


My TBH from Beethinking arrived this past weekend and it is simply awesome. You guys do a great job with the design while keeping it very simple to assemble. The thing looks really spiffy, too. - Fronefield


Thanks, Matt. We had a grand time unboxing and it was crazy easy to assemble. My husband and I couldn't have built anything better. Heck, we couldn't even get that size wood here if we tried. - Leita


The Warre hive arrived and is great! Bees coming in a couple days. Beautiful wood, beautiful smell. Looking forward to seeing it in action. Thanks again. - Michelle and Ken


I purchased a top bar hive several weeks ago before finding you guys and I have to say that your top bars are much much nicer. Thanks! - Erwin


The Warre Hive arrived today and I am very pleased the the quality of the hive. The instructions are nice to have but I think I was able to figure out how to put them together with out the instructions because they are so well made. Everything goes together beautifully and the ceder smells so good. I am very happy to recommend your hives to anyone. Many thanks for a very fine, reasonably priced product. - Gail


Thanks for making these cool hives and for all of your advice. I can see that I'll probably need another one in the not too distant future! Bee happy! - Susan


I recommend Bee Thinking. I got a top bar about a month ago and it was above expectations as far as quality goes. No bees til next year. Well put together unit. - John
Got my hives been meaning to let you know I really like your work. Will be ordering more from you and will tell friends to do the same. Thank you for job well done. - Jesse
I just thought I would let you know that my top bar hive arrived in great shape and it's wonderfully put together. I will defentlly be visiting your site again! - Andrew
You've got terrific "bee-friendly" products in the horizontal top bar, and Warre hives. Good designs, high quality materials, well made, good service. Wishing you great success in a world that once we knew, then abandoned, to which we would now return - for the health and comfort of our bees. - Martin
I'm impressed. The quality of the material is perfect and thanks for the speedy followup on shipping the remainder of the order. Best Regards and thanks for your good work! - Wilson
I just got my hive! Thanks so much - It is beautiful. I will keep you posted on things - thanks for making this so much fun! - Britte

I’m not exaggerating when I say that you’ve demonstrated the best customer service that I’ve ever experienced – for any product; from anyone; at anytime; for anything I’ve ever purchased! Bar None. I will be a return customer. Guaranteed. - Frank


I want to thank you for offering such an easy product to put together. It really seems like great quality. Assembly was much easier than I expected. - George

This week we had ordered 2 Warre hives from you. This evening I had called with a few questions, and was very pleasantly surprised how helpful and willing to help the woman on the phone was. We talked for quite a while and she gave me some great ideas, tips, and even encouraged me to call back with questions. That felt very nice. I apologize that I cannot give a name, but she was very pleasant and helpful. Thanks for the great service, and I can't wait to get my hives! - JoBeth