Cedar Songbird House


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Bees aren't the only flying friends we cater to! This bird house was designed based on the same premise our beehives were: the comfort of the species comes first. In this case, we thoroughly researched the preferences of common song birds to find the ideal cavity size and depth for chickadees, swallows, wrens, and nuthatches, and then designed accordingly.


  • Insulating 1" thick cedar
  • Rough-sawn interior surface and ladder notches below entrance give extra grip for fledglings
  • Recessed floor keeps water from wicking into the nest
  • Four 3/8" ventilation holes
  • Removable front panel for cleaning
  • Adjustable poplar reducers match the entrance to specific songbirds in your area
  • Keyhole notches on back for hanging
  • 12.5" tall x 6.5" wide x 6.5" deep