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This 1 gallon hive top feeder is a great option to feed your Langstroth hives. Due to its low height, it fits well into a shallow, medium or deep box on top of the inner cover. Bees crawl up through the bottom into the feed area, and due to the rough plastic on the inside, are better-able to crawl their way out. This gives it more versatility than most other top feeders such as a pail feeder. 

This feeder won't work with our horizontal top bar hives or Warre hives due to its size -- it needs a 10-frame (8-frame aren't wide enough) Langstroth shallow or taller (medium or deep work, too). 15.5"x13"x3" and holds 1 gallon of liquid. 

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Rectangular Top Hive Feeder

Bought 2 of these and arrived in great shape and packed for the trip. No drownings!!! Easy refill and keeps my bees in, and robbers out. Glad I found these instead of spending $$ trying others.

Jeff D.

Good feeder for a 8-frame

Good feeder for a 8-frame hive box. You DEFINITELY must use the clear plastic "cup" that comes with it and fits over the opening. It has ridges (like the opening) that give the bees foothold and helps prevent drowning. I also like that it has a lid. Although it is not air tight, it does help minimize any splashing if you have to move the feeder, especially if it is full. The only downside is the capacity is smaller than other feeders, but I did not find that to be a problem--it only took a quick peek to check the level every few days.

Frank H.

These top feeders are AWESOME!

These top feeders are AWESOME! They can be refilled without worry of the bees even getting alarmed. I would be cool to see a version that could do both liquid and have a place to put a pollen patty.


Least disruptive feeder on the market

This feeder allows you to refill the syrup when bees have emptied the reservoir being that the feeder opening covers the inner cover opening. You don't have to disturb the hive like many of the other feeders (frame feeders). There will be some drowning of bees but you can't beat the amount of syrup it holds compared to other feeders that don't kill any bees (quart feeders) but hold less. The bees simply removed the drowned bees and went about feeding like little piggies at a trough. Also, ants and other robbers don't have access to the syrup compared to the other types of feeders as the access is in the center of the colony. I will be developing a shim that allows for better ventilation when it heats up to allow for better ventilation during summer months while still being able to support a full feeder.

Becky c.

The very best. Very quick

The very best. Very quick delivery. Thank you