Langstroth Living Roof



This amazing living roof will set your hive apart by adding a lush, striking look to your apiary or garden. Place this living roof atop your 8 or 10 frame Langstroth hive and fill with your favorite plants for pollinators, or purchase this roof complete with a tile of sedum--ready to go.* 

The living roof is also a great insulator for your hives. The dense plants and soil will keep the colony cooler on hot days, and warmer during cold seasons.  The roof is slanted so that water runs off the back instead of the front where bees enter and leave. It fits over the telescoping lid so there's no chance of water running into your hive. T he additional weight also keeps the roof secure during strong gales and storms.  With this striking Western Red Cedar Living Roof, bees are a wings-flap away from lush plant life!  

Not looking for a hive revamp? This beautiful planter isn't just for hives! Place it anywhere in your backyard or garden and fill with the plant of your choice. 

Measures 23 3/4" x 23" x 5.5"

Available with or without sedum.

* Sedum is a nice, sturdy plant that produces flowers that bees particularly like. It is rich in color, contains a variety of nectar-rich species and weathers the seasons well. 

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