Langstroth Insulation Box

Insulation is essential to hive health for any beehive model! Since bees require a rather warm and dry home, insulation is a necessity for maintaining your hive. 

This insulation (or quilt) box rests neatly atop an 8 or 10 frame Langstroth hive's inner cover. It helps to keep the inside of the hive at a constant temperature and humidity level despite outside weather conditions. It also prevents condensation on the roof from dripping on your bees.

How it works

The canvas bottom of the box wicks away moisture from the hive and that moisture is absorbed by the included cedar quilt material. The included cedar quilt material is 100% shredded cedar toe, with no chemicals or additives. Not only does it absorb moisture, but it provides the insulation needed to keep your hive at a stable temperature. 


  • Cedar insulation frame
  • Piece of moisture wicking canvas
  • 2 bags of cedar quilt material

*Please note: this item comes unassembled. The canvas can be attached to the frame in a number of ways. We prefer using a staple gun, but you could also use brass tacks.  All other hardware is included.

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