Lean-To Mason Bee House


Our mason bee house was designed just like our larger hives were: with the species in mind. This Western Red Cedar home includes the perfect sized tubes for nesting and a shingled roof to weather the rainy season. Place it near your garden and watch the life cycle of the mason bee unfold.

Mason bees are gentle, solitary bees that are 30-60 times more effective at pollinating than honeybees. These lovable pollinators are an easy and non-threatening way to break into the bee community and show your support for local ecosystems. They are dynamic at pollinating the immediate area surrounding their nests, which make them perfect for your backyard garden and fruit trees. 

This house comes with one package of our Crown Bees Easy Tear Mason Bee Tubes. The package has a total of 36 6" tubes with an 8mm diameter. They are comprised entirely of recycled paper and prevent moisture retention that can be harmful to your mason bees. This package will only partially fill your house which can hold a total of 140 8mm tubes, equating to four boxes. You can either purchase more packets here, or fill the empty space in your house with natural materials such as mud, pinecones and twigs.


  • Western Red Cedar base
  • Shingled Roof
  • Measures 7.75" x 8"