Obelisk Mason Bee House


Featuring a peaked roof for rain runoff and protection from the elements, this design leaves plenty of space to be filled with nesting tubes while creating a striking addition to your yard or garden. Simply fill with Medium Mason Bee Nesting Trays (recommended) or  Crown Bees EasyTear Mason Bee Tubes  and watch native pollinators take up residence in their new home.  This house fits 10 medium nesting trays or about 170 tubes which equates to 5 boxes  (you don't have to fill it all the way!).

Be sure to keep this house under an awning or cover to protect it from the elements.

About Mason Bees: Mason bees are gentle, solitary bees that are 30-60 times more effective at pollinating than honeybees. These lovable pollinators are an easy and non-threatening way to break into the bee community and show your support for local ecosystems. They are dynamic at pollinating the immediate area surrounding their nests, which make them perfect for your backyard garden and fruit trees. Learn even more about mason bees here.


  • Made from sustainable sugar pine
  • Measures 10.75" x 5.75" x 7"

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